Are you looking for CMP Exam Tips? Look no further!

Times are hard.

Job hunting is difficult.

Passing the CMP Exam feels insurmountable.

We all need things to be just a little bit easier.

That's what these 20 CMP Exam Tips are intended to do; make your test prep just a bit easier.

We've even included a 20 question quiz to make sure you absorbed the content.

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Course Curriculum

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    • Tip #8 Psychographics vs. Demographics

    • Tip #9 - Event Websites

    • Tip #10 - Types of Expenses

    • Tip #11 - Risk Management

    • Tip # 12 - Indemnification

    • Tip #13 - Yield Management

    • Tip #14 - Staffing

    • Tip #15 - Interaction and Function Room Set-up

    • Tip #16 - Feedback

    • Tip #17 - Building the Room Block

    • Tip #18 - Read Carefully

    • Tip #19 - Break Even

    • Tip #20 - Monitoring Your Plans

    • Tip #21 - Types of Evaluation Data

    • Tip #22 - Return on Investment Pyramid

    • Tip #23 - Market Segments

    • Tip #24 - Types of Budgets

    • Tip #25 - Risk

    • Tip #26 - Stakeholder Interview

    • Tip #27 - Project Planning

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Ellen Maiara

Ellen Maiara, CMP, DES, CED, is an internationally best-selling author of Event Industry courses. For more than 16 years, Meeting Professionals have studied with Ellen to learn how to live their best life by realizing their career goals. She has developed an efficient, effective system by having her students concentrate on three areas, content, test-taking skills, and confidence-building. As a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Ellen is also an indie Meeting Professional producing dozens of events for clients worldwide. Her meeting planning niche market is Public Media, planning conferences for non-commercial radio and television associations, with medical meetings thrown in now and then for added challenge. Ellen has planned in corporate and university settings. She has also been a theatrical stage manager on and off-Broadway. Ellen is a non-Box-ie thinker and Broadway musical theater geek. She lives in Tampa, Florida, USA, with her lovely husband, Michael, and their two incredible cats, Liberty and Fidget, who have just supervised this brief biography's writing. Ellen uses she/they pronouns.