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Whether training for certification exams or building new skills, whether on-demand or live, enhance critical job skills as you pivot to meet the new demands of our industry.

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Finding the Right Course
Can Be Overwhelming

We Have The Solution For You

  • I just heard about event industry certifications. What's it all about?

    You should start your journey with the Ultimate Guide to Becoming A CMP. You will learn about the CMP from start to finish.

  • I need 25 clock-hours of event industry continuing education - that's overwhelming!

    When you attend the Ultimate Guide to Becoming A CMP, we will discuss an easy and productive way to earn your continue education requirements while preparing for the exam.

  • I'm filling out my certification application - what's the secret?

    During the Ultimate Guide to Becoming A CMP, we will discuss how to fill out the application and some common pitfalls.

  • I submitted my certification application - now what?

    You need some education! Join the Event Solutions Academy.

  • I'm taking the exam in a few weeks and I haven't started studying! What do I do?

    All hope is not lost! If you have the time to watch 12 two-hour videos, you can go over much of the content before your exam. If you have more time, we will lay out a reading schedule. Check out the Crash Course.

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Look No Further!

by Kay Sanford, CMP - Conference Director at Care Net

If you are looking for help as you navigate the complex world of passing the CMP exam, then seriously you should look no further. I found out about Ellen from someone in my MPI local chapter, because I needed the flexibility of an online study group. I'm thrilled to say that I passed the exam because of Ellen. She's serious about this work, and she's no-nonsense, which is exactly the kind of help I needed. Ellen will help you break this goal into easy-to-digest chunks so that you can go into your exam with the needed knowledge and extreme confidence! Trust the process she provides and you will be well on your way to adding CMP to your title! Thank you, Ellen!

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