Do you feel like the CMP process is a secret that you have been left out of?

This whole CMP thing is really confusing! It's hard to get a straight answer on just about everything, from the application, to studying and taking the exam.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just have a checklist of all the things you need to do?

In this session, you will:
  • Create a CMP Action Plan
  • Discover the steps in the CMP Process
  • Uncover exam preparation resources
  • Learn how to earn 25-clock hours of continuing education

Who Should Attend? If you…
  • Would like to earn your CMP within the next 5 years
  • Need to accumulate the 25-hours of continuing education
  • Are ready to fill out your CMP application
  • Want a proven, efficient,systematic way to prepare for the CMP exam


Chief Solutions Officer, Event Solutions Management, LLC

Ellen Maiara, CMP, DES

Ellen Maiara, CMP, DES, Chief Solutions Officer of Event Solutions Management, is not only an indie meeting professional. She is passionate about empowering meeting professionals to live their best life, by realizing their career goals through the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Certification. Ellen’s parents were teachers, so she was taught early that we all succeed when we help someone else up.

For nearly fifteen years, Ellen has led more than 2000 meeting professionals to earn their certification using an efficient, effective system. By concentrating on three areas, content, test taking skills and confidence, students focus on activities that lead to exam success.

Ellen’s meeting planning niche market is Public Media, planning conferences for non-commercial radio and television associations, with medical meeting thrown in now and then for added challenge. However, her past has had her planning as a DMC, in corporate and university settings and as a theatrical stage manager on and off Broadway.

Ellen is a non-Box-ie thinker and Broadway musical geek who loves electronic gadgets and computer applications. She lives in Tampa, Florida, USA with her lovely husband, Michael, and their two incredible cats, Liberty and Fidget, who have just supervised the writing of this brief biography.


I have reviewed several introductory lessons of what is needed to apply and take the CMP exam (even EIC's own webinars) and by far this introduction exceeds them. The information is laid out in an easy manner to follow and very concise. Thank you.

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