Event Solutions Academy Starts on November 2, 2020 at 8 PM Eastern

Don't wait until the last minute! You've got work to do!
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Career Credibility

Certification gives recognition of competency, shows commitment to the profession, and helps with job advancement.

In our ever-evolving pandemic world, you must prepare your career to sustain this crisis, as well as the other inevitable and unpredictable events that will impact our industry in the future. Are you ready to compete for your next job? How will you set yourself apart from the masses who will be vying for the most desirable positions?

Demonstrate, through certification, that you are trained and up-to-date in best practices and trends in our rapidly changing world. Certification provides credibility when employers are looking for a meeting industry professional with a firm foundation of understanding, that won’t crumble in these challenging times.

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Complete 12 live, guided content sessions and 3 review session
  • Read the recommended study materials, divided into 12 manageable assignments
  • Finish weekly practice quizzes
  • Create a set of event industry vocabulary note cards
  • Earn 30 clock hours of continuing education for the CMP application*
  • Take 4 full length practice tests to build stamina and good test taking habits
  • Access weekly office hours

Pricing options

Includes access to the course for 1 year from the date of registration or the day you pass the exam.

Kelli Bland, CMP

Acting Director of Meetings and Special Projects at the American Society of Landscape Architects

If you are thinking of earning an event industry certification, enroll in Ellen Maiara’s Event Solutions Academy. There is so much information to learn, but Ellen helps you navigate by breaking down the sessions into manageable stages. Her stories were relatable and fun and I know I would not have been successful if it were not for Ellen’s course. It is well worth the time and energy to invest in yourself and get your certification. From a proud CMP since January 31, 2020. Thanks Ellen!

This course is a perfect fit for you, if you:

  • Are ready to pass your event industry certifications
  • Need to earn 30 clock hours of continuing education from a preferred provider of education for the CMP*
  • Want to join the more than 2000 students who have been successful in this program over the past 15 years
  • Create a set of event industry vocabulary note cards
  • Took an event industry exam in the past and were not successful

It Was Wonderful!

Shiloh Kauzlarich, CMP

I just completed Ellen's Event Solutions Academy it was wonderful! I have been studying off and on for the last 3 years in efforts to eventually take the exam. Ellen's class helped me buckle down and do what I hadn't been able to on my own. The course (about 3 months long) breaks down the text into manageable reading sections and Ellen hosts a weekly class to review what you have read. Her tips and practical knowledge delivers the information in a way that is memorable and educational. I'm already putting some of her tips to good use! Thank you Ellen for all of your help! I took my exam just a few days after our last class and passed!

Academy Member Benefits

  • The Academy has been around for more than 15 years to Rave Reviews (scroll down to reviews section of profile)
  • Your membership is good for one year from the date you register. Come back more than once at no additional fee.
  • Because your classes are live, you have access to a live instructor and coach every class. Need more help? Give her a call!
  • If you miss a live class, no worries! It's been recorded. You might even use the recording to review before the big exam.
  • Don't have 25 clock hours for your CMP Application? You can earn them with the Event Solutions Academy*
  • You get 15 two-hour live study sessions over a web conferencing interface.12 two-hour content sessions. 3 two-hour review sessions.1 recipe for success!
  • 24-hour access to distance learning classroom with forums and resources to keep you thinking around the clock
  • 12 weekly quizzes and 4 full length tests. Build stamina and good test taking habits.
  • Each 2-hour class starts at 8:00 PM Eastern Time in the USA. Click here to convert to your time zone.
  • Weekly Office Hours: There's no agenda. Bring your questions. Office hours are posted here.

* Event Solutions Management has been approved by the Events Industry Council (EIC) as a Preferred Provider of the Event Solutions Academy courses, which qualify for CMP continuing education credit. Determination of continuing education credit eligibility or Preferred Provider status does not imply EIC's endorsement or assessment of education quality.

Pricing options

Includes access to the course for 1 year from the date of registration or the day you pass the exam.

Chief Solutions Officer, Event Solutions Management, LLC

Ellen Maiara, CMP, DES

Ellen Maiara, CMP, DES, Chief Solutions Officer of Event Solutions Management, is not only an indie meeting professional. She is passionate about empowering meeting professionals to live their best life, by realizing their career goals through the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Certification. Ellen’s parents were teachers, so she was taught early that we all succeed when we help someone else up.

For nearly fifteen years, Ellen has led more than 2000 meeting professionals to earn their certification using an efficient, effective system. By concentrating on three areas, content, test taking skills and confidence, students focus on activities that lead to exam success.

Ellen’s meeting planning niche market is Public Media, planning conferences for non-commercial radio and television associations, with medical meeting thrown in now and then for added challenge. However, her past has had her planning as a DMC, in corporate and university settings and as a theatrical stage manager on and off Broadway.

Ellen is a non-Box-ie thinker and Broadway musical geek who loves electronic gadgets and computer applications. She lives in Tampa, Florida, USA with her lovely husband, Michael, and their two incredible cats, Liberty and Fidget, who have just supervised the writing of this brief biography.

Pricing options

Includes access to the course for 1 year from the date of registration or the day you pass the exam.

Evolving Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Checklist to Complete Before Our First Live Class

  • 2


  • 3

    Examples, Samples, Templates

    • Samples & Examples

    • Sample Contract.doc

    • Sample Master Account Form

    • Income Statement (synonym Profit and Loss Statement or P&L)

    • Balance Sheet Sample

    • Cash Flow Statement

    • ExhibitorProspectus Sample

    • Sample_Pickup_Report

    • Sample Resume

    • Sample Function Sheet

    • Sample BEO

    • Sample Pre-Con List

    • Site Selection Matrix Example - I have redacted all sensitive information, so you will need to scroll down quite a bit to see actual data. I promise it's there!

    • APEX_Function_Set-Up_Order_with_exhibits

    • APEX_Function_Schedule

    • APEX_Function_Set-Up_Order_with_exhibits_1

    • APEX_Destination_Management_RFP

    • APEX_Transportation_RFP

    • APEX_Single_Facility_RFP

    • APEX_Contracts

    • APEX_Event_Specifications_Guide

    • APEX_Service_Contractor_RFP

    • APEX_Audio_Visual_RFP

    • APEX_Site Inspection List

    • APEX_Housing_Registration

    • APEX_Post_Event_Report

  • 4

    Topic 1 - Event Strategy

    • Reading Assignment Topic 1

    • Live Class Topic 1

    • Presentation Notes Topic 1

    • Presentation Notes Topic 1 - 6 Slides

    • Quiz Topic 1

    • Note Card Writing Instructions - watch the intro video and we will discuss in our first class

    • Vocabulary Topic 1

    • Question Writing - will review during our first class

    • Question Writing Topic 1

    • Recording Topic 1

  • 5

    Topic 2 - Develop Program Content

    • Reading Assignment Topic 2

    • Live Class Topic 2

    • Presentation Notes Topic 2

    • Presentation Notes Topic 2 - 6 Slides

    • Quiz Topic 2

    • Vocabulary Topic 2

    • Question Writing Topic 2

    • Recording Topic 2

  • 6

    Topic 3 - Marketing

    • Reading Assignment Topic 3

    • Live Class Topic 3

    • Presentation Notes Topic 3

    • Presentation Notes Topic 3 - 6 Slides

    • Quiz Topic 3

    • Vocabulary Topic 3

    • Question Writing Topic 3

    • Recording Topic 3

    • Pecha Kucha Video

    • Open Space Technology

    • Unconference

    • Bar Camp

  • 7

    Topic 4 - Managing Event Financials Matters

    • Reading Assignment Topic 4

    • Live Class Topic 4

    • Presentation Notes Topic 4

    • Presentation Notes Topic 4 - 6 Slides

    • Quiz Topic 4

    • Vocabulary Topic 4

    • Question Writing Topic 4

    • Recording Topic 4

  • 8

    Topic 5 - Human Resources

    • Reading Assignment Topic 5

    • Live Class Topic 5

    • Presentation Notes Topic 5

    • Presentation Notes Topic 5 - 6 Slides

    • Quiz Topic 5

    • Vocabulary Topic 5

    • Question Writing Topic 5

    • Recording Topic 5

  • 9

    Break Even Practice

    • Break Even

    • Break Even with Answers

    • Fun with Break Even

    • Fun with Break Even with Answers

    • More Fun with Break Even

    • More Fun with Break Even with Answers

    • Even More Fun with Break Even

    • Even More Fun with Break Even with Answers

  • 10

    Topic 6 - Risk Management

    • Reading Assignment Topic 6

    • Live Class Topic 6

    • Presentation Notes Topic 6

    • Presentation Notes Topic 6 - 6 Slides

    • Quiz Topic 6

    • Exam Scoring

    • Vocabulary Topic 6

    • Question Writing Topic 6

    • Recording Topic 6

  • 11

    Topic 7 - Project Management

    • Reading Assignment Topic 7

    • Live Class Topic 7

    • Presentation Notes Topic 7

    • Quiz Topic 7

    • Test Taking Tips

    • Vocabulary Topic 7

    • Question Writing Topic 7

    • Recording Topic 7

    • Practice Mid-Term

    • Presentation Notes Topic 7 - 6 Slides

  • 12

    Topic 8 - Site Management

    • Reading Assignment Topic 8

    • Live Class Topic 8

    • Presentation Notes Topic 8

    • Presentation Notes Topic 8 - 6 Slides

    • Quiz Topic 8

    • Vocabulary Topic 8

    • Question Writing Topic 8

    • Recording Topic 8

  • 13

    Topic 9 - Event Design

    • Reading Assignment Topic 9

    • Live Class Topic 9

    • Presentation Notes Topic 9

    • Presentation Notes Topic 9 - 6 Slides

    • Quiz Topic 9

    • Vocabulary Topic 9

    • Question Writing Topic 9

    • Recording Topic 9

  • 14

    Topic 10 - Meeting and Event Technology

    • Reading Assignment Topic 10

    • Live Class Topic 10

    • Presentation Notes Topic 10

    • Presentation Notes Topic 10 - 6 Slides

    • Quiz Topic 10

    • Question Writing Topic 10

    • Vocabulary Topic 10

    • Recording Topic 10

  • 15

    Topic 11 - Event Sustainability Plan

    • Reading Assignment Topic 11

    • Live Class Topic 11

    • Presentation Notes Topic 11

    • Presentation Notes Topic 11 - 6 Slides

    • Quiz Topic 11

    • Vocabulary Topic 11

    • Question Writing Topic 11

    • Recording Topic 11

  • 16

    Topic 12 - Meeting and Event Communication

    • Reading Assignment Topic 12

    • Live Class Topic 12

    • Presentation Notes Topic 12

    • Presentation Notes Topic 12 - 6 Slides

    • Quiz Topic 12

    • Vocabulary Topic 12

    • Question Writing Topic 12

    • Recording Topic 12

  • 17

    Topic 13 - Accessibility

    • Live Class Topic 13

    • REVIEW THIS!!! - Items to Commit to Memory

    • Recording Topic 13

    • Practice Final 1

    • Remote Proctoring

  • 18

    Topic 14 - Exhibits

    • Live Class Topic 14

    • Recording Topic 14

    • Math Problems - complete this before the Topic 14 Live Class

    • Miscellaneous Math With Answers

    • Math Problems - Answers

    • Practice Final 2

  • 19

    Topic 15 - Food and Beverage

    • Live Class Topic 15

    • Recording Topic 15

    • Professionalism and Ethics

    • Practice Final 3

  • 20


    • Evaluation

Zavonya Covington, CAP, CMP

Events Manager

I was a member of Ellen's most recent Event Solutions Academy and I earned my certification thanks to her help!! The study model she has created is stellar; not one stone left unturned as it relates to the resources she offers. She was dependable, available, knowledgeable and just so supportive of our goals. She made sure that no one was left behind during our sessions. When I got nervous at the end of our sessions and postponed my exam date, I decided to change my date back because of her undying support and belief that I could do it...and I PASSED! I just can't thank Ellen enough! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER if you are looking to become event industry certified. You won't regret your investment.

Pricing options

Includes access to the course for 1 year from the date of registration or the day you pass the exam.