Now More Than Ever

You Need The CMP

As we reflect on the global pandemic, you need to differentiate yourself from your peers.
  • Expand Knowledge and Skills
  • Build Professional Credibility
  • Boost Efficiency
  • Increase Earning Potential
  • Set yourself apart from the competition when pursuing new opportunities
Gain a Competitive Advantage.

CMP Crash Course

The Ultimate Self-Guided Program to Preparing for the CMP When You Just Don’t Have Any Time

Do you have a limited time to prepare for your CMP Exam?

In this self paced course, you will be provided with a...

  • reading schedule that you will customize to your schedule
  • 12 two-hour videos
  • 12 sets of presentation notes
  • 12 sets of vocabulary terms
  • 1-month of access access to weekly office hours with the instructor

Who Should Join?

  • CMP Candidates who have limited time to prepare for their exam
  • Students who want a self-guided program.

Crash Course Participants DO NOT have access to the following Event Solutions Academy Features

To access these features, please join the Event Solutions Academy.

  • Weekly Quizzes
  • 4 Full Length Practice Tests
  • Interactive Forums with Fellow Students
  • 3 Review Sessions
  • Interactive Access to Coach
  • Continuing Education Credits with the EIC
  • Access to the course for 1 year from the date of registration or the day you pass the exam


Chief Solutions Officer, Event Solutions Management, LLC

Ellen Maiara, CMP, DES

Ellen Maiara, CMP, DES, Chief Solutions Officer of Event Solutions Management, is not only an indie meeting professional. She is passionate about empowering meeting professionals to live their best life, by realizing their career goals through the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Certification. Ellen’s parents were teachers, so she was taught early that we all succeed when we help someone else up.

For nearly fifteen years, Ellen has led more than 2000 meeting professionals to earn their certification using an efficient, effective system. By concentrating on three areas, content, test taking skills and confidence, students focus on activities that lead to exam success.

Ellen’s meeting planning niche market is Public Media, planning conferences for non-commercial radio and television associations, with medical meeting thrown in now and then for added challenge. However, her past has had her planning as a DMC, in corporate and university settings and as a theatrical stage manager on and off Broadway.

Ellen is a non-Box-ie thinker and Broadway musical geek who loves electronic gadgets and computer applications. She lives in Tampa, Florida, USA with her lovely husband, Michael, and their two incredible cats, Liberty and Fidget, who have just supervised the writing of this brief biography.


- Heather Wilson, CMP

Now I am not going to lie, folks. At the end of some very long days (especially when I was on site visits, flying to and fro or after an event day) it was hard to tune into two hours of CMP exam study prep. Then there was the reading. There are two course books that you will need to read at least some of to pass the exam. Ellen gives you a lot of tips for taking the test, what to look out for and lets you know subject matter that is likely to appear on the test. She also gives you a very precise reading list and lets you know which charts in the text you’ll need to commit to memory.

Get Started Now

Do you have a limited time to prepare for your CMP Exam?

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Topic 1

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 1

  • 3

    Topic 2

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 2

  • 4

    Topic 3

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 3

  • 5

    Topic 4

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 4

  • 6

    Topic 5

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 5

  • 7

    Topic 6

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 6

    • Exam Scoring

  • 8

    Topic 7

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 7

  • 9

    Topic 8

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 8

  • 10

    Topic 9

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 9

  • 11

    Topic 10

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 10

  • 12

    Topic 11

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 11

  • 13

    Topic 12

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 12

  • 14

    Topic 13

    • Video and Presentation Notes Topic 13

    • Professionalism and Ethics

    • Miscellaneous Math

    • Miscellaneous Math With Answers

  • 15


    • Questions